Sunday, October 25, 2009

APDT Conference DogWise Author Table

The APDT Conference in Oakland, Ca was great, with many interesting speakers. As I sat at the author table (DogWise) I chatted with Charlene (the DogWise organizer) and other authors. Sitting next to me were the authors of Through a Dog's Ear, Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector. We exchanged works, and mutual support. Joshua expressed a phrase I hear often, that AnimalSigning is 'revolutionary!' He and Lisa are doing some fascinating work with the effect of sound/hearing (of music) in dogs.
Several participants chatted with me about signing, bought my book, and got a book signature. Some asked about doing workshops in their area (in other states).

The photographer from Marcus Photographs, hired by DogWise, took some pictures (which I will post on my new website coming in November).

After the conference, I drove around in my old neighborhoods in Berkeley and Rockridge stopping off at the MarketPlace near bart for some fabulous coffee and bakery goods. Not much has changed since the 90's there.

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