Saturday, March 19, 2011

K9Sign - Foundation Class Workshop in Aptos. Spotlight on benefits of K9Sign for dogs themselves

At the Aptos Grange in Ca. the K9Sign foundation class workshop just completed. Many interesting people and dogs attended, all committed to enhanced relationships with each other. A trainer from a shelter, a dog walker, a mold detection expert, an environmentalist, and someone in biotech attended. Dogs were of various kinds: terrier, Border collie, Husky, and Aussie.

People and dogs learned how to create additional ways to communicate, building on the dogs natural communications. Starlight, my Border collie demonstrated Food, Chicken, Toy, Frisby. She also demonstrated each step of how a dog learns to sign 'WATER.'

Dogs learned to sign Food, Toy, and observed the Water sign in action. One person wanted to teach their dog different signs for different molds (to help in the business), an other person wanted their dog to sign 'Thank you.'

In the past at workshops I go over the benefits of signing to humans and dogs. Today, I had a new one to mention. I've proposed how dogs can detect cancer in humans, and that they could surely learn and communicate detected cancer in other dogs--not just humans.

I speak about how dogs can learn to tell you where they hurt or feel sensations. I've practiced that with Chal, my GS dog on several occasions when she had pain. Today, at this workshop, I could say that dogs not only can tell you where they hurt, the ailing spot could be cancerous. Dogs can detect cancer in themselves and Chal did just that last week. She told me where she hurt, and the spot had a cancerous cyst (on the mammary gland).
Had she not done so, it might have taken me weeks or months to have spotted the problem.

I'd like to share this with others for the dogs, for the people. I'll be holding workshops to show others how to teach their dogs to indicate pain, discomfort, sensations, etc. I will plan one in April in Monterey or Santa Cruz county. This will be in honor of Chal, to raise funds for her expensive treatment. Once the (tax deductible donated) funds in the CHAL FUND at reaches $5000K we can schedule the surgery.

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